Speech Recognition
for Everyone and Everything.

Transcribe phone calls or build voice powered apps. Recognize unlimited industry specific words and phrases without any training required. All at simple, affordable pricing.

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Completely Customizable

Automatically recognize unlimited industry specific words, names, and phrases with zero training required.

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Easy to Use

Integrate in minutes, not months, with our simple API and SDKs.

Affordable Pricing

Pay only for what you use. We bill a fraction of a cent per second of audio transcribed with the API.

How We Make It Happen

Use the API, SDKs, or Dashboard to upload an unlimited amount of industry specific words, names, or phrases unique to your product or service. Within minutes, you can start streaming audio to the API for real-time, customized transcripts.

Voice is the Future

Transcribe phone calls or videos, build a voice controlled hardware device, or build a novel voice interface for your product using our API. In minutes you will have a customized speech recognition engine up and running for your product or service.

Ahead-of-time Customization

Know all of the industry specific words, names, or phrases unique to your product or use case in advance? Use the API, SDKs, or Dashboard to feed this information to the API ahead of time.

Just-in-time Customization

Are the industry specific words, names, or phrases unique to your application generated dynamically? Include up to 4,000 words or phrases real-time with the audio for real-time customization.

Simple Documentation and Developer Tools

Don't let confusing speech recognition terminologies, signal processing, or complex documentation get in the way of your creativity. Our Documentation and Dashboard are meant to get out of your way and let you build.


Always Improving and Getting Better

We are in the business of making your product or company successful. Every few weeks, we release improvements to the underlying speech recognition technologies powering our API, translating directly to a better experience for your users or customers.

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