Advanced Speech-to-Text, customized to your data for unmatched accuracy. Deploy in the cloud or on-premise.

Unlock higher accuracy with a speech recognition model that is fine-tuned and customized to your data and use case. Run your model behind our secure, fast, and affordable API or deploy on your own servers in minutes.

Reasons to Choose AssemblyAI

Custom Models
Custom Models

Get higher accuracy with a custom speech recognition model that is fine-tuned for your data and use case. Custom models better match your recording quality, noise, accent, unique words, and more. No upfront cost, and turnaround time is 3-5 days.

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Cloud or On-Premise

Use our secure cloud API (we don't store or copy any data sent to the API) for fast transcription. Or, run our Dockerfiles on your own servers for privacy and latency sensitive applications.

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Pre-Trained Models

Get up and running quickly by choosing from one of our pre-trained models like the phone call, media, or IVR model. Pre-trained models offer higher accuracy because they are a better fit to your audio data compared to generic models.

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Batch and Real-time

Transcribe dozens of audio files in parallel in batch mode, or transcribe audio streams in real-time for interactive applications.

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