Customizable Speech Recognition

Use our customizable speech recognition API to train on your data and boost recognition accuracy for your product or service.

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Completely Customizable

Train on your data and fine tune the API for your specific use case in order to get higher accuracy.

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Unlimited Vocabulary

Teach the API an unlimited amount of custom words you need to recognize, like names of people or things.

Affordable Pricing

Pay only for the seconds you transcribe, and pay nothing until you go into production. Unlike other providers, we have no minimum charges.

How It Works

Under the hood, our algorithms learn from your data and fine tune speech recognition models for higher accuracy for your specific use case. Use our API to upload either historical text or audio data, and watch the API learn and adapt.

Visit the Docs to learn more.

Customizable for any use case

Unlock higher accuracy for anything from phone calls to voice controlled games. Our API makes it easy to fine tune our speech recognition models for whatever you are building.

Customize with Text Data

Take historical or expected transcripts and upload them to create Corpus. The API learns from the text in your Corpus to customize the speech recognition to be more accurate for your product or service.

Customize with Audio Data

Soon, you'll be able to upload a small amount of audio to the API to fine tune accuracy for noise, accents, or far-field signals that are unique to your product or service.

Simple Documentation and Developer Tools

Don't let confusing speech recognition terminologies, signal processing, or complex documentation get in the way of your creativity. Check out our Documentation and quick starts.


Always Improving and Getting Better

We are in the business of making your product or company successful. Every few weeks, we release improvements to the underlying speech recognition technologies powering our API, translating directly to a better experience for your users or customers.

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